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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Paul Daugherty Gets Lost in Fort Thomas

Carmel Manor. FTM file. 
The Cincinnati Enquirer's, Paul Daugherty, recently wrote about our little slice of heaven that we call, Fort Thomas.

In his "The Morning Line" column he talks about Carmel Manor, the VA Homes and The Midway Cafe. No confirmation on whether or not he ordered the Fort Thomas Matters burger.

The Fort Thomas Matters burger. Trust us. Order it. 

Will have to confirm with sources and get back.

Here's a snippet from his column:

TRIP REPORT. . . We spent a very pleasant afternoon in Ft. Thomas Saturday. It all started because we wanted to know what the big building was on top of the hill on the KY side of the river, as you cross into the Commonwealth on the 275 bridge by Riverbend.

Anyone know what I’m talking about?

We’ve been by there a million times, usually on the way to NKU for something Jillian-related. Very large building or complex of buildings, atop the hill to your right, if you’re heading south.

I guessed a convent. I was right. Sort of. After snaking GPS-less around Ft. Thomas, we arrived at Tower Park, highly lovely. That wasn’t it. We drove through what used to be the fort grounds, to a circle of rundown homes that used to house officers and their families. Why these big ol’ brick homes have been allowed to die is beyond me. Great location atop a river bluff.

One of the VA Homes. FTM file. 
Still not what we saw from 275.

We kept circling until we saw a gate marked Carmel Manor. And there it was, atop the hill. A nursing home. Per the website: We are still sponsored by the Carmelite Sisters, whose sole mission is to care for the aged and infirm.

With a tremendous 180-degree view of the river, from Lunken airport to the 275 bridge.

The Midway Cafe. This is an advertisement. 

Then we had lunch at the Midway CafĂ©, a delightful neighborhood bar along the main drag. I’d been to Ft. Thomas a few times, to speak to civic groups, but it was dark and I didn’t linger. Next time, I will. Cool little town

Read the full column here. 

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  1. As far as I know the fort homes have been sold and will be restored to their glory again. At least that's what I understand from what I've read.