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Monday, June 5, 2017

Southside Deli - The Best Little Deli In Town

South Side Deli, 1175 S. Ft. Thomas Ave. FTM file
South Side Deli has been around since a lot of us can remember, and maybe that's because it opened in 1973. It was Convenient Food Mart then. Owned by John Beatsch's brother-in-law, Beatsch was a stock boy there when he was 17.

The store eventually became Ameristop until it went independent in the 1980s. After working his way from stock boy to assistant manager, Beatsch eventually bought the store with a partner in 1998, and has now owned and operated South Side solo since 2013.

Also Southgate's fire chief, Beatsch says owning the "best little deli in town" is something he never thought of 44 years ago. But, it has been an adventure, a hometown staple, years of meeting and making friends and serving the community some of the best eats around.

"We have everything you find in a bigger grocery store, said Beatsch, just smaller amounts."

From pet, medical and cleaning supplies to ice, beer, lottery tickets and more, South Side really is a one-stop shop for anything you may need.

You can not beat Pepperidge Farm breads at $1.49 a loaf. South Side has a wide selection of what you can find at large chain grocery stores with competitive prices. FTM file
"The deli is what drives us, said Beatsch. We put a lot of effort into it."

Owner John Beatsch and Deli Manager Sue Martin have put a lot of hard work into making South Side the "best little deli in town." FTM file
You may be surprised what this little deli has to offer - a great assortment of deli meat and cheeses including local Bluegrass meats with excellent prices, pre-packaged sandwiches and salads to grab on the go and a small selection of fresh produce.

Also a surprise - on any given morning, South Side serves up 120 to 200 homemade breakfast sandwiches - sausage, egg and cheese; Gliers goetta, egg and cheese; and egg, bacon and cheese.

"People that try them usually get addicted to them. Occasionally, we have people complain they are gaining weight. We don't make them healthy, Beatsch joked. We make them good!"

Sue Martin, deli manager since 1998, said before she started working at South Side she often wondered how fresh things would be in a small deli. A former deli manager at Remke, Martin is proud to say people rave about the pimento, chicken and ham salads and other meals that are made fresh daily.

In addition to breakfast, the deli serves daily lunches and hot dinner specials from 4 - 7 p.m. Their homemade salads are delicious as well as coneys, 3-ways, chili cheese fries, wings, cheeseburgers, grilled chicken, rib and fish sandwiches.

Not just deli sandwiches and a place to get your morning coffee and doughnut, the selection at South Side is huge. They even cater box lunches and party trays that can feed up to 100.

Kaitlyn Dischar who has worked at South Side for four years enjoys making sandwiches. FTM file
Martin said, "I love working here. John gave me an opportunity years ago to work hours that allowed me to spend time with my son."

Alongside Martin, South Side has 18 employees, a lot of which have worked there for several years.

Fort Thomas resident, retired CSX Railroad employee and U.S. Navy Veteran Robert Small who passed away this month worked at South Side Deli since the 1980s until six months before his death at age 83.

Martin says it's a place where everyone knows your name - a staff that is like family with a good hometown feel.

Visit South Side Deli 5 a.m. - 11 p.m., Monday - Friday and 6 a.m. to 11 p.m., Saturday and Sundays. The deli counter is open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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  1. Great article! I have great memories there and one bad (I was 12 years old and the one time I broke the law I shoplifted, of course my dad and police were called but I learned my lesson, not afraid to admit that because kids are stupid and learn lol) growing up as funny as that may sound! I love Southside, my dad and I used to stop in every morning for breakfast and we would get lunch/dinner occasionally and random items we needed that we didn't want to go to the grocery store for. They even knew us and were saddened to hear my dad passed away when I came in like a year or so later.