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Monday, June 19, 2017

You Can Be a Part of a Special Tribute To Tina Moore of the Blue Marble Bookstore

Tina Moore's bench will be placed under the window to the store.
Tina Moore, late owner of the Blue Marble, was a guiding force for literacy in the community and in the region.  Joan Gregory says, “Many of us feel the Blue Marble is a treasure here in Fort Thomas and many loved Tina and Peter Moore, the owners.” 

"You probably know that Tina died recently, and I thought it would be fitting if we created a memorial to her by funding a bench dedicated to her in front of the shop. I talked to Peter about it, and he was quite touched by the idea. He talked to the city about the feasibility of this and they approved it. How wonderful it would be for the community to which she contributed so much gave back.” 

She proposed the idea to Peter. He loved it.

  What a thoughtful and touching act. So Joan posted her idea on Facebook and got quite a positive response. And now the idea is here. So it's our turn to remember Tina. Please stop by the Blue Marble bookstore to contribute to a wonderful way to commemorate someone who had our best interests at heart.

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“Tina did so much for the community, I thought something more public would be appropriate.”

The bench costs $1,000 which includes the plaque and installation. Please consider being part of a this tribute to a wonderful person who has done so much for us.  You can stop by the store or contact Joan Gregory at 859-781-0421 or  She would like to end the campaign by June 30.
Tina and Peter Moore. FTM file.


  1. What a lovely idea! Trent Montessori will gladly donate $100.00. Tina was such a positive roll model and her love of books was shared with our students for over 30 years. Jan Haas & Erin Eckstein

  2. The Blue Marble is one of those rare gems that make this town so special. If you haven't stopped in here before, you should. It not only has the best selection of children's books in the midwest, but also books for adults and tons of toys and other gifts. How they fit it all in there is a mystery! The staff is unbelievably friendly and helpful. I gave my donation to for Tina's memorial bench as soon as I read it on FTM.