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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Fort Thomas Crowned Its' First Pet Mayor at Pet Day

Caesar, Fort Thomas' first Pet Mayor
Pet Day at Tower Park was a huge success on Saturday. The turnout was amazing, the weather was beautiful and dozens of pets and owners came out to enjoy the day.

Sponsored by Pet Wants, the day's events included a pet parade, pet talent shows, pet vendors, pet blessings and family pet photos.

Stray Animal Adoption Program also adopted out nine pets.

The highlight of the day came when Caesar was crowned Fort Thomas' first ever Pet Mayor.

The pet mayor was picked based on an essay written by his owner, Alex Walker (below). Caesar is a service dog that has become a hero to his owner.

Caesar, Alex Walker and Mayor Eric Haas

Sunny won Vice Mayor
Boo took home Honorable Mention

A hero entered my life on April 24th 2008, forever altering my view of the world around me. This hero didn’t have an elaborate cape or a high-tech suit; instead he wears a mostly brown fur coat. This hero answers to the name Caesar and he is here to help society when he is needed the most.

Ironically, as a pup, Caesar was unwanted by society. When he was about 5 months old Caesar was dropped off at the local animal shelter. Here he would spend the next month of his life. Despite the rejection from his previous owner Caesar never became downtrodden. Despite his charming personality Caesar was struggling to find his forever home. Across this great nation, we are plagued by overcrowded animal shelters; the shelter which housed Caesar was no exception. Caesar had until April 20th 2008 to find a suitable adopter. Not a single person displayed interest in adopting Caesar by the time he was scheduled euthanized. However, as fate would have it, a staff member of the shelter became quite fond of Caesar. This worker was able to extend Caesar’s stay at the shelter until the end of the month. Like people, sometimes animals need a second chance at life.

The next week is when everyone’s fate had changed.  A young couple seeking to make an addition to their family made a spring trip to the pound and fell in love with a smelly, smiling, wiggly brown puppy known as Caesar.  The staff at the animal shelter was beyond grateful that we were able to see all the positive qualities in the often overlooked puppy.

During the weeks that followed the initial homecoming, we sought professional training to ensure we grew together as a well-balanced and behaved pack.  Caesar excelled during his training sessions. At the time his trainer commented he would make a great assistant animal due to level-headedness while harboring an eagerness to please.

During this time my grandfather became ill and was moved into an assisted living facility.  Initially, I would just bring Caesar along on my visits to see my grandfather, especially since my grandfather was always an animal person.  Bringing Caesar on visits brought forth a joy in everyone; doctors and nurses made extra rounds just to pop in and get a kiss from the puppy and his presence just brought so much joy into a very sterile environment.  Eventually, Caesar became an unofficial employee of the nursing home and made visits to any patient that wanted to relax petting and hanging out with Caesar, or possibly just to receive to some wet sloppy dog kisses as well.  Caesar loves being affectionate with anyone and his eyes would light up just walking through the door of nursing home knowing he was about to be giving and getting lots of love.

My grandfather passed away in September of 2013. Until his passing, Caesar was one of my grandfather’s favorite guests to come visit. Within the same year as my grandfather’s passing a separate medical condition surfaced. This medical condition is able to be aided by a service dog. Again fate would intervene; the dog instructor that Caesar had worked with is well renowned for training service animals.  Though additional training, Caesar was able to become a certified service dog. By the grace of God we haven’t needed his additional skillset, but the security of knowing a safety-net exists provides peace of mind.

While Caesar goes through his life with bounds of positivity, he was sadly diagnosed with a form of skin cancer several years ago.  As his owner, it was very difficult to see him feel pain and discomfort throughout his treatments.  No matter what was happening to his body, Caesar’s bright personality continued to shine even on the worst of days.  Watching my best friend go through multiple surgeries to awake with a wagging tail and a smile at just the sight of his human family always reminds me that keep positivity in your spirit can brighten any dark moment in life.

With starting life unwanted and abandoned, to blossoming into a strong, loving and a forever loyal companion I will be forever grateful for my life with my dog.  The reason Caesar is my hero is simply because he has taught me many life lessons just in his short life.  Trying to find the good in every situation, be there for others, and always live a life full of positivity and gratefulness because you may not be given a second chance.  These attributes are also why I would consider Caesar to be a strong candidate for the honorary mayor of Fort Thomas, he would serve his duties happily and with his air of positivity included.

Regardless of outcome, Caesar will remain a hero without a cape.
Fifteen dogs in the pet mayoral race, now make up dog city council.


  1. I'd like to see all the essays.

    1. lol, why - maybe u should have been on the judge panel hahah

  2. Awesome, go Cesar!

  3. I have read many statements from potential council potential officers during the election run up wanting to "improve" the parks for people, but very few of them mention improving them for dogs.
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