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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Fort Thomas Saint Elizabeth to Display Grand Prize “Spirit of Fort Thomas” Photo Winner

The $500 Grand Prize photo taken by Ashtyn Heiert.

Hope you were among the many who visited the Mess Hall during the 150th to view the exhibits and the entries in the “Spirit of Fort Thomas” photo contest. Saint Elizabeth Healthcare sponsored the Grand Prize. Ashtyn Heiert, an HHS upcoming senior, won that honor and $500.

Contest organizer Nancy Schneider says, “We wanted to show how people see Fort Thomas.” Overall, the photos covered a range of visual topics that ultimately presented a beautiful quilt of the spirit of the city.

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Ashtyn says, “It was an honor to be chosen for the Grand Prize.” She says of her particular photo that it “captures Fort Thomas’ traditional values as well as the tight knit community.” 

Bruno Giacomuzzi presents the award to Ashtyn Heiert.

Bruno Giacomuzzi, the Chief Operating Officer of Saint Elizabeth Healthcare and sponsor of the Grand Prize Award says, “We believe in being part of the community and this was a fun way to get involved. This is a great place to be.” The photo will be displayed in his office suite at the Fort Thomas hospital.

Here are all of the winners:

Grand Prize Winner 
Ashtyn Heiert

First Place Winners
Mackenzie Roderick (Youth)
Will Nedderman (Teen)
Erin Kingsley (Adult)

Second Place Winners
Caroline Weber (Youth)
Kevin Kreutzer (Teen)
Judy Buten (Adult)

Third Place Winners
Maura Eckerle (Youth)
Maria DeWald (Teen)
Michael J. Huey (Adult)

A big thank you goes out to the prize sponsors of the contest. They were:

Grand Prize Sponsor: 
Saint Elizabeth Healthcare

First Place Awards Sponsor: 
Top This Donuts (supported all three winners)

Second Place Award Sponsors:  
Bill and Vicky Sylvester
Duke and Susan Schneider
Steve and MK Hennigan

Third Place Award Sponsors: 
Fort Thomas Drug Center
DuPont Center
Steve and Diane Kroger

Attention all photographers who entered the contest. Your photo entries can be picked up at the city building.

All of the winners of the photo contest. 

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  1. Nancy I love your idea for the contest and the 1st place photo.