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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

March for Public Education Will Hold Rally at Peace Bell on Saturday

Education is key to achieving the American Dream, but educators fear that our public education system is in danger. To raise that awareness, there will be a March for Public Education at 10:00 AM on Saturday, July 22 at the Peace Bell in Newport. The march will coincide with the march in Washington, DC. 

The national website,, says “Public Education marches to challenge the educational status quo that leaves students over-tested, dehumanized and financially burdened by their educational experiences. M4PE marches to change the national conversation around educational issues, affirms that public education is a right not a privilege and that education is essential for a functioning democracy....The march supports teachers, students, parents and communities, advocates for educating the ‘Whole Child,’ calls on legislators to address the student debt crisis and opposes the privatization of public education.” 

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Josh Blair, one of the local organizers, says, “The purpose of the event is to celebrate public schools, public school teachers, administrators, volunteers, and of course, public school students and their accomplishments. Non-educators are welcome to attend.  We’ll have a few speakers who are not educators - specifically students and parents/PTA members.”

Janet Jackson,  a long-time Kentucky Education Association officer and retired Highlands High School librarian, says “I believe an educated public is the bedrock to the success of America.  The right for all children in America to have a free public education makes our country stronger and better equipped to handle the challenges facing America now and in the future.”

Our education system touches every aspect of our society so it is important to maintain high standards for teachers and students as well as adequate funding. And when that happens, everyone wins. 

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