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Monday, August 21, 2017

'A Letter To Michelle'

By Nick Stegner

The sun is shining today yet a darkness still looms
Heartache, loss, anger consumes
Confusion wraps the wanting eye
You’ve earned your wings…embrace and fly
Youth eternal, an endless smile on your face
Tripping on each moment we try to retrace
Questions unanswered and pain to conceal
Comfort in silence, words can never heal
It’s like catching a butterfly as the wind blows
Frustration swells and the pain of loss grows
A priceless stone was held tight with love
Now an angel dancing eternal above
A life that touched many, a smile that was true
A rhyme with a reason now written for you
Watching over us in our dreams and from above
You are the air we breathe…a mother’s precious love
Happy High Five Friday, Michelle!

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