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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Car Overturns on Holiday Lane in Fort Thomas

A car overturned on Holiday Lane in Fort Thomas today at around 12:30 p.m.

According to witnesses, a middle-aged woman was driving down the hill when she hit a parked car and flipped her van on its top.

She was the only person in her vehicle and received medical treatment on scene before being transported to the hospital.

Her injuries were not severe.

It's not yet clear if any charges will be filed.

Holiday Lane is located in the Summit Avenue subdivision off of Grand Avenue, where the speed limit is 25 MPH.

Kate Stephens lives near the collision and said she heard it from about a block away.

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"It was one of the loudest sounds I've ever heard," she said. "I went out to see if she was okay and saw her talking with emergency responders. I'm just glad that no one was seriously hurt but it was a very scary scene." 

Fort Thomas Matters will have more on this story as details are available.

FTM file. 

FTM file. 
PHOTO: A car overturned after hitting a parked van on Holiday Lane in Fort Thomas. FTM file. 


  1. Wow i hope it was not the speed of the vehicle. They fly down summit half the time running the stop signs. We need more patrolling for sure.

  2. Unfortunately it's likely not to happen to get more patrol on Summit. I went to council countless times years ago to solve the same problem of dangerously speeding vehicles on my street Klainecrest which is popular to use as a cut through street. It was several months of persistence on my part of addressing council, City Manager, police department etc to even get the city to lower the speed limit to 20 mph from 25mph AND add children at play signs....not going to do zilch if street isn't patrolled to pull speeders on the lowered speed limit.