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Monday, August 28, 2017

Fort Thomas Photographer Volunteers to Document Inside of VA Homes

Fort Thomas resident and photographer, Chris Stegner, is volunteering his services to the city of Fort Thomas by photographing the inside of the vaunted VA homes in Alexander Circle.

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The VA homes are now in the hands of the city of Fort Thomas after Mayor Eric Haas signed the 31-page deed transferring ownership of the homes and surrounding property from the Veterans Administration to Fort Thomas.

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The city will hold the property while the selected project developer, Bloomfield/Schon, finishes paper work to secure an Industrial Revenue Bond, or IRB, necessary for purchase of the property.

The ten nationally registered historic structures are empty and have been vacant for the last 15 years, suffering extreme damage and disrepair.

The VA sold the homes at a $510,000 purchase price. The price is the appraised value of the homes and will be refunded once asbestos and lead cleanup at the homes is complete.

In a Facebook post, Stegner said that he's been working on this project for "six months or more."

There are some rough spots, and the city doesn't want the liability of lots of people going through. I have shot a variety of stuff for the city for a while now and volunteered to document the homes for historical purposes for the city and museum. They wanted to document them anyway, so it saves them the cost of hiring someone. In case anyone is considering going it on their own... I would highly suggest not doing so! You will be trespassing. I saw a few signs that showed people have been in a couple, and the city has taken some pretty strong steps to secure them. You will be caught. I shoot a lot of abandoned structures, but NEVER break in... nor should anyone else.


  1. We lived in 34 Cochran Ave in the early 1990's. They used to be awesome. History, architect, a little rusty but still we fun just to live in one.

  2. I've thought for several years this circle should become a living museum...various wartime eras coming to life...actors in costumes, musicians, sell souvineirs and food from different wartime eras, have gardens growing in the circle with swings and stuff for kids...a place to participate in local and even global history.

  3. Would love to see those photos. I used to deliver mail to that area & LOVED those homes. I used to dream of owning one of them. Ann Gosney

  4. Wow. Some of those wood floors still look amazing. I really wish I could afford one of these when they are fixed up.