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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Fort Thomas Police Need Your Help To Identify Theft Suspect

Fort Thomas Police are investigating a theft caught on video at Top This Donut Bar in Fort Thomas that occurred on Monday, August 14 around noon.

Top This is located at 18 N. Fort Thomas Avenue in The Hiland Building.

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The theft of a $300 pair of sunglasses was caught on security video. The alleged suspect can be seen picking up the sunglasses on the counter and tucking them into her purse as she completes a purchase at the cash register.

Police have asked for help in identifying the suspect. The likely charge would be Theft by Unlawful Taking, a class A misdemeanor.

If you have information, you can call Lt. Rich Whitford at 859-572-1228.

See the footage below, the left occurs at 0:40:


  1. she paid with a debit or credit card? shouldn't that be easy to figure out?

  2. So she paid with a credit card, right? Why can't they figure out who it is?

  3. Doesn't it show paying with a card?

  4. Looks like she paid with a card.

  5. Can't they get her credit card info, given that they have the exact minute she used it?

  6. She used a credit / debit card all they would have to do is track the purchase