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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Fort Thomas Subway to Close Permanently

Fort Thomas Subway is closing.

A note left on the door stated that cash flows has been declining over the last three years and that they would be closing immediately.

Employees confirmed to Fort Thomas Matters that they would not be opening up Sunday, August 27. Those employees said that management broke the news to them earlier today.

The note taped to the front door was signed by owner James Davis, who had owned the franchise for the last 10 years. It was also signed by longtime store manager, Kate Lockwood, who Fort Thomas Matters profiled earlier this year.

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The note read:

Due to a 35% revenue drop over the last three years we have been operating with a negative cash flow. We have tried everything we can to stay a part of the community. However, due to the drop in revenue, we have gotten behind on paying business taxes and the state has stated that they will be permanently shutting us down. 

Over the last (ten) years we have tried to give the community the very best. We are proud to have given so many young people the opportunity to start their working lives here at Subway and to prepare them to move on to future employment opportunities. However, it is our time to say goodbye. 

Kate and James

Another note, signed by "management", was taped to the door. It read:

We ran out of bread. We're baking more. Closed until more bread is baked. 

The central business district in Fort Thomas has taken a hit lately, with the closure of 15 North and The Art House. The Polished Pearl left Fort Thomas to move to Sharonville.

Fort Thomas Subway originally opened in the middle of the 1990's.

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