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Thursday, August 17, 2017

WATCH: "Judy the Crossing Guard" Profiled by WCPO

Fort Thomas Matters media partner, WCPO, was in Fort Thomas this morning, interviewing Judy the Crossing Guard. 

"Fort Thomas crossing guard has kept kids, drivers safe for over 30 years."

By Timyka Artist, WCPO

There’s hardly a Fort Thomas driver who doesn’t know Judy Kiskaden.

Kiskaden has been directing traffic and keeping kids safe near Moyer Elementary School for over 30 years.

As kids head back to school across the Tri-State, Kiskaden said it’s important for drivers to remember to pay attention to their surroundings.

They have to pay attention," she said. "They’re usually on the phone, texting, talking, in a hurry, not paying attention, some of them sit there and gab on the phone and you’ve gotta holler at them to keep moving … they usually pay pretty much attention to me." 

No one has ever been hurt for as long as Kiskaden has been on the job. She credits her vigilance.

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“I focus on what I’m doing. I pay attention to what I have to do … I love doing. It doesn’t bother me although I’m out here in all types of weather.”


  1. Every Monday thru Friday morning, come rain sleet snow and sunshine I have seen this woman bravely stand in the middle of this busy intersection. She is a beast! I've heard the kids complain and call her the crossing guard Nazi. But I think she is doing such an incredible job for the community here. I live not far from this intersection and have walked across the intersection with her direction. People fly up and down this congested windy road every day that leads to this intersection. She risks getting plowed by these maniac drivers every day for our children to be able to get to school every day for 3 decades now. I think some one should give here a medal

  2. as a child I feared this woman for the way she acted, and that whistle of hers???? oh how we hated that whistle!!! But now a mother of 3, I wish there were more like her.