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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Fort Thomas Attorney Accepted into Prestigious Special Education Advocacy Institute

Barlow (second from left) celebrates her new certificate in Special Education Advocacy. 
Ohio and Kentucky students have a valuable asset in local attorney, Ashley Meier Barlow, who has expanded her legal practice to include representation of students with disabilities.

Protected by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, and state laws, students with disabilities are entitled to education plans that suit their individual needs.

Barlow, a former German teacher, is the mother of Jack, a student with Down syndrome, who has such an Individual Education Plan.  She began learning about special education advocacy while advocating for Jack, started answering questions for friends, and realized she had a passion for helping families with the special education needs.

“I’ve been involved in the disability community since Jack’s birth, and I’ve advocated in the national and state levels for many changes.  But education is so important to me, and with my experience as a teacher, this area of law is a no brainer for me,” Barlow told Fort Thomas Matters.  

Special Education work is different from the perception many people of attorneys.  “Parents are the experts on their children," Barlow says.  “There’s a lot of power in educating parents to advocate for their children without having an attorney as the face of their case.  My fee structure and practice model is based on this.  I’ll do everything from one-time consultations and annual IEPs reviews to filing a due process complaint, which is a legal proceeding.  No matter how I interact with a client, my consultation involves some training on how the parents can advocate for their children.”  

Barlow was accepted to the Institute on Special Education Advocacy at the prestigious William & Mary Law School and was awarded a certificate in Special Education Advocacy in August, 2017.

Attorney Pete Wright, who tried a special education case in front of the Supreme Court of the United States and operates well-known Wrightslaw, collaborates with William & Mary to run the training.

Barlow gets a hug from respected special education attorney, Pete Wright, before receiving a Certificate in Special Education Advocacy from William & Mary College of Law.

“Being able to sit down with Pete Wright and to hear his stories is such an honor,” Barlow said.
Barlow is licensed to practice in Kentucky and Ohio.  She hopes her outreach covers both states broadly.

To reach her, email or call 859.781.5777.

Ashley Meier Barlow. 

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