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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Michelle Chalk's Classmates Remember Her During Homecoming Dance

What a wonderful community is Fort Thomas.

Michelle Chalk would have attended her first high school dance last weekend it not for the tragic accident that occurred in August of this year in Fort Thomas.

But that didn't stop her classmates from helping her family celebrate the occasion.

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Before the Highlands Homecoming dance, her fellow classmates showed up to Chalk's residence and each gave her parents, Keith and Patty, a rose adorned to commemorate the occasion.

Michelle's father, Keith, noted the heartfelt gesture:

"A few minutes ago (my son) tells me that someone is at the door. I turn on the light and open the door and find several cars in the driveway and a steady flow of young men and women dressed for Homecoming. Each has a rose with a ribbon, and upon the ribbon is the words "Live Free."

I wish them the best experience of their lives tonight. A happy time of music, dancing, and laughing. I love them all. I pray that they have fun.

Thank you, to all that remember Michelle on this wonderful night."

A benefit concert will be held at The Highlander Event Center Saturday night from 8:00 p.m. - midnight. Proceeds will benefit the Michelle Chalk Memorial Fund.

You can see the Facebook invitation here.

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