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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Police: Robber Shot at Newport Pawn Shop

Incident reported at E-Z Cash Pawn

A man was shot in Newport as he was robbing a pawn shop, police said. At least one of the suspects was armed. Police said that they were able to locate a firearm on a roof of a nearby building, where one of the suspects allegedly threw the gun when trying to evade law enforcement.

The robbery was reported at the E-Z Cash Pawn on Monmouth and 8th Streets in Newport Tuesday afternoon. Two men were involved in the robbery.

Police said the owner and the two men exchanged gunfire during the robbery and one of the two men was struck in the arm. Nearby business owners reported to Fort Thomas Matters that they heard about ten shots fired.

The men left the shop in an SUV and police chased it to 8th and Maple streets, where it crashed into a home.

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Both men got out of the vehicle and ran. Police captured one right away and found the other hiding in a dumpster nearby with the help of a police canine, police said.

The man who was shot was taken to the hospital and the other man was jailed. Newport High School was temporarily on lockdown due to the chase.

The names of the suspects and charges are pending.


  1. I bet they never thought about how many guns get pawned every day. Stupid is as stupid does. Try for a head-shot next time!