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Monday, October 23, 2017

Fort Thomas Couple Gives You Everything You Need To Know About Medicare Open Enrollment

Suzanne Janosick has been in the Health Insurance Industry as a licensed Agent for 10+ years.  Her family has a unique mark in the Insurance Industry, her husband, Jeff Janosick, is also a local Health Insurance Broker. “I would say we are the Chip and Joanna Gaines of Health Insurance!” “Our date nights could be considered unexciting discussing the Affordable Care Act and Ever Changes in the Health Care Industry” But nonetheless we love what we do and passionate about helping our clients.

Why Medicare?
I recently made the decision to completely focus my services on Medicare. I believe that when you turn 65 and become eligible for Medicare you need an unbiased Advocate to help choose plans that meet your needs and budget.  My Mom came up with the name Medicare My Way. I helped my own parents with their plan options. Everyone’s medical situation is different. My Dad decided on a different Supplement than my Mom. It’s a personal decision. It’s Medicare My Way!

Why is Medicare My Way Different?
I am an Independent Broker. As a Medicare specialist I have access to most Medicare insurance providers.  I can help with Medicare Advantage, Part D, and Medicare Supplement plans.  I do not represent just one single insurance company.  My goal is to present all options from several companies to help my client’s choose the most affordable plan to meet their needs.

Is there a cost to use your service?
My Service and Consultations are Free of Charge. I am paid through the major carriers that I represent. The rates you would receive from an Insurance company are exactly the same with Medicare My Way. Whether my clients are turning 65 and need help explaining the complexities of Medicare in simple terms or just simply need my help enrolling them into a plan, I can help with no additional fees.

Where are you located?
My office is in Fort Thomas.  I have clients that appreciate that they have a local Consultant to help them sort through all of the options they are presented with. The amount of Medicare Junk Mail can be overwhelming!  Regardless of how much or how little assistance is needed, I can discuss options in person, email or via phone.

What if you’re over the age of 65 and already on a plan?


This is the perfect time to contact me to analyze options and compare costs! Carriers can change plans and premiums on certain Medicare Advantage and Drug plans. I can help make sure Beneficiaries are informed on what is being offered in their area to make a decision on a plan that is right for them!

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