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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Fort Thomas Independent Schools Seeking Applicants for Community Education

Fort Thomas Independent Schools are seeking community members to translate their business acumen and passions to adults.

The district is putting together a “community education” schedule for next semester.

“The course offerings are only limited by your imagination,” said Diana McGhee, the District’s Director of Technology and Information.

“Please consider participating.  As an instructor, you will have the flexibility of many variables including the day and time you wish to teach, in which building you wish to teach, how many sessions you wish to teach and the length of the sessions.”  

Instructors will be compensated according to the Supplemental Teaching Services Salary Schedule.

“The Fort Thomas Independent School district is focused on providing engaging experiences for our students, and also our community,” said Dr. Karen Cheser, Superintendent. “We hope you will consider offering classes.  It's a great way to share your skills, get others excited about your craft, make Fort Thomas an even more interesting place to be, and make a little money, too.”

Classes will be taught in the spring semester, 2018 and the deadline to apply is Friday, November 3.

If you are interested in teaching in the Community Education Program this spring, please complete the bottom portion of this page and return it to Diana McGhee at central office.

Application can be found below at the link:

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