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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Fort Thomas Ski Birds Membership Drive is Open

It won’t be too long until the ski runs open so the Fort Thomas Ski Birds is opening its membership drive for the upcoming season. The Ski Birds has been around for about fifteen years now and membership generally hovers around 100.

Membership gets you up to 30% off the price of passes at Perfect North. In fact, there are multiple levels of membership - Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Once-a-Week as well as the unlimited Perfect Season Pass. 

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All levels of proficiency can join. In fact, this is a good way to ease into the sport.  Jerod Guilkey, Ski Birds organizer, says that, “A novice can sign up. They have ski lessons to teach anybody how to ski and they have plenty of small hills for beginners.”  And there are a handful of club days at Perfect North too.

Contact Jerod Guilkey at or at 859-486-4092 for more information. 

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