Saturday, October 21, 2017

Here's How To Get Your Free Recycling Cart in Fort Thomas

Rumpke is offering free 64-gallon recycling carts to all Fort Thomas residents who receive weekly recycling service.

Previously, Rumpke was leasing these bins to residents for a dollar a month and the 96-gallon trash carts for an additional fee.

In August, city council learned that the lowest bid for collection was from Rumpke, an increase of about $35 per year. According to finance officer, Joe Ewald, the city also received a bid from Republic Services, although their bid was non-compliant because it did not adhere to the specifications in the bid document.

"They were higher than Rumpke," Ewald said in an email to Fort Thomas Matters.  "Best Way attended all meetings, but did not submit a bid, as they did not feel that they would be competitive."

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Sixty-five-gallon wheeled recycling carts hold nearly four times more material than the blue recycling bins and also feature a lid to prevent recycling from blowing or spilling.

Residents can recycle the following items:

• Paper, paperboard (cereal boxes, snack boxes) and cardboard • Telephone books, magazines and catalogs
• Newspaper, junk mail and envelopes
• Plastic bottles and jugs
• Glass bottles and jars
• Aluminum cans, metal cans and lids

To order your recycling cart, call Rumpke customer service (877-786-7537) or the city (859-572-1202).

Editor's note: This story has been updated to include information about the bid process. Previously, it was reported that Rumpke was the only bid received from the city. Two bids were received, however Rumpke was the only compliant bid.

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  1. That would really help me! Especially because I'm only eight. And because I'm the trash person in my family. Thanks for this info.