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Thursday, October 5, 2017

The Fort Thomas Fire Department, Fort Thomas Independent School District, and St. Elizabeth Healthcare Partner to Increase the Survival Rate of Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Push Hard, Push Fast, Pass it On

When someone is in cardiac arrest the enemy is time.

Without fresh blood reaching the brain within several minutes of collapse the chance of a good outcome is not very likely. The American Heart Association has long recognized the value of beginning early and effective CPR when a victim collapses.

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The AHA’s statistics show a dismal survival outcome of only 8.3% that have good neurological outcomes.  The survival rate skyrockets to 31% when the arrest is witnessed and bystander CPR is initiated. Areas of the United States with aggressive community CPR programs have produced the world’s best rates of cardiac arrest survival. Places like King County, Washington have achieved documented rates of 62% survival of out of hospital cardiac arrest.   The AHA has found that less then 50% of all witness cardiac arrests will receive bystander CPR.

In response to the challenge of increasing the chances of a cardiac arrest victim receiving bystander CPR in the Northern Kentucky Region; a true community effort was assembled to fight the problem. St. Elizabeth Healthcare has partnered with the Fort Thomas Fire Department and some bright and talented students from the Fort Thomas Independent School District to teach an entire stadium of high school football fans hands only CPR.

This event will occur on October 6th 2017 in Fort Thomas, KY at the Highlands vs. Dixie varsity football game at David Cecil Memorial Stadium. This event will include a CPR demonstration booth, Hands only CPR instructions, prizes, and a public service announcement along with a live demonstration to the entire stadium.

Studies continue to show that Hands only CPR can be just as effective as regular CPR and is vastly more beneficial than no CPR.  Hands only CPR provides almost no risk to the provider and can be started quickly and with minimal training. All it takes to do hands only CPR is to place your hands in the center of the victim’s chest, and push hard and push fast. We are confident that this event will raise awareness of this life saving intervention.

We hope you will attend the game and learn to: Push Hard. Push Fast, and Pass it on!

By Eric Scherpenberg, Fort Thomas Fire Department

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