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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Fort Thomas Resident Celebrates Ten Years of Restaurant Success

PHOTO: The Food Hussy

Milford’s award winning restaurant, 20 Brix celebrates a milestone with their 10 year anniversary.

Fort Thomas resident, Hunter Thomas, opened 20 Brix in November of 2007 in historic Milford as the area’s first Restaurant, Wine Bar and Wine Retail Shop. 20 Brix was among the new wave of businesses that opened and began the downtown Milford's renaissance.

“Things were starting to happen down here back then,” he said. "There was excitement amongst the merchants and locals to do more. A lot of people had great ideas and a real desire to breathe life back into downtown and it’s been great to be a part of that.” 

In Fort Thomas, a similar undertaking is starting to occur as residents are taking the economic development bull by the horns.

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Thomas equates much of the success of the downtown area to its proximity to three neighborhoods of Milford, Terrace Park and Indian Hill.

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He said that the restaurant had been seen as a “special occasion” restaurant at first, but quickly became a neighborhood favorite with some of its more modestly priced food and beverage offerings and friendly service.

"It’s true that 20 brix specializes in wine, but craft beer and craft cocktails are fully represented as well. The menu is a mix of contemporary favorites, with southern fare and a dash of French, and changes seasonally," he said.

20 Brix uses local products whenever possible from a dozen local farmers, butchers and artisans.
Just three doors down, you’ll find a more casual restaurant, 20 Brix’s Sister Restaurant, Padrino. Opened in 2009, Padrino Italian specializes in pizzas and homemade Italian food in a casual family friendly environment.

PHOTO, via The Food Hussy. Visit her site here. Used with permission.

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