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Friday, November 10, 2017



Scott Poole with wife Tammy Poole at North Ave Barbering 

Scott Poole, Master Barber and owner of the newly opened North Ave Barbering sees everyday as an opportunity to make a difference in the community and serve our nation’s veterans. What began with his desire to serve and connect with his “Brothers in Green” grew into a barbershop that offers the best of old fashioned technique and contemporary cuts.

North Ave Barbering is open to everyone. Veterans receive free haircuts, eyebrow and beard trims. Servicemen such as firefighters and police officers receive discounted services daily.


  • Regular Haircut $15 
  • Haircut & Beard $25 
  • Fades $30 
  • Blow Out $30 
  • Senior Haircut (62 and over) 
  • $12 Hot Towel Shave 
  • $40 Eyebrows 
  • $2 Shape Up 
  • $5 Beard Trim 
  • $5 Kids Cuts (10 and under) 
  • Designs $10 and up 


  •  FREE Regular Haircuts, Eyebrows & Beard Trims

North Ave Barbering

In 2015, Scott and his wife Tammy Poole - owner of North Ave Salon - took their shears and clippers to the Fort Thomas Campus of the Cincinnati VA Medical Center and provided free haircuts to veterans. This act of giving back became the seed for North Ave Barbering.

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North Ave Barbering

Poole grew up in San Antonio and remembers many long Texas afternoons spent at his grandparent’s salon swiveling in his grandfather’s barber chair. His interest and appreciation for traditional barbering technique and tools such as straight razors, hand-prepared lathers and steaming hot towels come from years of watching the deft hands of his grandfather.

North Ave Barbering

Following in the footsteps of his grandfather, an Army First Sergeant, Poole joined the Army in his late teens and served his country for 15 years during which time he was part of the 75th Ranger Regiment. After leaving the Army he searched for meaningful work that would allow him to make an impact and find the same sense of purpose and belonging that he experienced in the military community. His grandfather’s influence once again played a pivotal role and Poole found his answer in the craft and social traditions of barbering.

Scott Poole with his traditional barbering tools and lather

In recent years, the craft of barbering, its tools and social customs have been revived. The barbershop has historically been a place where men can be themselves, discuss topics of the day and develop bonds. The social aspect of the barbershop is possibly its greatest strength and virtue. Providing people with an opportunity to share their stories and exchange ideas is the hallmark and core of a community. For veterans, it’s a place to relax, get a shave and a haircut and perhaps most importantly to make sense of the world, wade through the past and connect with others who share similar experiences. 

North Ave Barbering has two chairs offering the best of traditional and new techniques. Poole trained at Cincinnati School of Barbering and Hair Design and is well versed in the classical traditions of his grandfather’s generation. He cuts with a straight razor sharpened on a leather strap, makes his hot lather from scratch which he applies swiftly with a soft bristle shaving brush. Bringing a modern touch to North Ave Barbering, Deandre Nolan specializes in tight fades, is a whiz with the clippers and works magic on curly hair. His expertise and creative approach adds an artistic dimension to the shop.

Scott Poole sharpening his straight razor on a leather strop

North Ave Barbering offers a unique space for men to talk, exchange stories, reminisce the past and debate the present.


Mon & Tues: 8am-4pm 
Wed & Thurs: 1pm - 8pm 
Fri & Sat: 8am-5pm 
Sun: closed 

North Ave Barbering is co-located with North Avenue Salon at 48 N. Fort Thomas Avenue. 
To make an appointment call 859-781-3331.

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