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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

OPINION: GOP's Pension Plan Goal Is Division

"United we stand.  Divided we fall" is how the opinion piece submitted by Republican leadership on pensions was ended.  Division is exactly what they were looking for while drafting that bill.

Taking KTRS to the woodshed while not touching hazardous employees' plan was a plan to pit police and fire against teachers.  Making the changes to the legislative and judicial pension plan was to pit voter versus legislator because there wasn't going to be a Democratic legislator that was going to vote for this bill as written.  That was going to be used to hold over every NAY voter's head that they weren't willing to fix the broken system.

In my opinion this was a very partisan bill drafted in such a way to continue to divide.

To the leadership's dismay, it did the exact opposite and unified a state.  Rallies and town halls were held across the state in support of our public sector employees and in solidarity with our most precious commodities: teachers, firemen and women, and police men and women.  Now that bill doesn't have the votes to even get debated in the House.  There has been way too much partisan policy crammed through since the "new majority" has taken over.  It goes to show how a unified, informed populace can change what goes on in Frankfort and that your vote does count!

Jason Kilmer
Candidate for State Representative District 68

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