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Friday, December 15, 2017

Con Artist Scams Elderly Fort Thomas Resident for $6,000

Fort Thomas Police want you to know that they will never call you unsolicited for funds.

That seems like a common sense plea to the public, but according to Lt. Rich Whitford, residents are being duped by persistent and convincing con artists.

He said that recently a Fort Thomas resident had been conned to the tune of $6,000, the first one that's occurred in Fort Thomas.

"There's a regional scam happening in the area that is targeting the elderly. Scammers are posing as law enforcement agencies and the callers tell the victims that there is a warrant for their arrest," said Whitford. "We will never do that. Law enforcement agencies never do that."

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In this instance, the scammer identified themselves as Fort Thomas Police and told the victim to go to Kroger to buy $6,000 in gift cards to get rid of the warrant. They instruct her to scratch the barcodes off the back and then give those numbers to them. At that point, it's untraceable and there's nothing we can do from there."

Whitford said that his goal is to share this story to help stop it from happening to others.

"The victim is very embarrassed and doesn't want to come forward with the information, but she did have a family member let us know to warn others of this scam," he said.

If you have received a call similar to this, call Fort Thomas Police at 859-441-6562.

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  1. This has been such a horrible issue that we at the Sheriff's Office have been working on getting the word out about for months. Please head our words and Lieutenant Whitford's, we will NEVER ask for money over the phone.

    See our story at: