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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Financing Secured, VA Homes Developers Look to Design

Developers are working on historic preservation design plans for the VA homes. FTM file.
--> With financing secured, VA homes project developer Bloomfield/Schon is moving on in the process of bringing the stately old homes back to life.

In mid-November, the commonwealth approved the request for an Industrial Revenue Bond or IRB. At about the same time, the developer announced that other requested financing is now in place.

Located at 18 N. Fort Thomas Ave. in the Hiland Building. This is an advertisement. 
The developers have been working on the design for many months and are beginning to move forward on their plans.

"They are at the point of submitting some of the details for the historic preservation," said City Administrator Ron Dill. He said city staff members have requested a meeting with the Kentucky Society for Historic Preservation to make sure the developers are meeting standards set forth by the organization.

The developers will submit their plans for review by the city and with the Plan Commission soon, he said.

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  1. We do not need to get rid of the softball field. the people who would but these homes need to understand this is a park. what next the Mess Hall,Forth of July Because they don't like the traffic.