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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Fort Thomas Couple to Open Fort Thomas Ice Cream

In February of this year, two Fort Thomas real estate developers presented a business plan to the Fort Thomas Planning Commission that called for an ice cream shop and a bourbon and wine bar to become two of the newest Fort Thomas businesses to open in the Midway business district adjacent to Tower Park at 1011 and 1013 S. Fort Thomas Avenue.

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The commission approved that plan but the original tenants targeted by KCCA Developers, The Colonel's Creamery and Aged and Oaked Bourbon and Wine Bar, did not pan out.

However, developers Kyle Stevie and Chris Reid stuck to their plan and a new similar tenant has signed a lease at 1013 S. Fort Thomas Avenue.

Enter, Fort Thomas Ice Cream, owned by Fort Thomas residents Jason and Angela Williams.

Fort Thomas Ice Cream under construction. FTM file. 
For Jason Williams, the decision to own his own business has been a dream of his. The couple moved to Fort Thomas a little over four years ago and had always remarked to each other that the city needed an ice cream shop.

"Over time it was the running joke in our house when we saw spaces become available for rent in Fort Thomas that it was going to become "our" ice cream shop," said Angela, who works as a Senior Construction & Development Project Manager for one of the largest Real Estate companies in the world. She will continue her career there and said her main focus is Construction Management of Commercial Office and Retail spaces within the Cincinnati area.
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The Williams have three children who go to St Thomas School. Fate intervened this summer while they were helping to run the St. Thomas Festival this summer.

"We ran into Chris Reid, co-owner of the two buildings to the left of Midway Café and started talking to him about the spaces and he mentioned that they were looking at a deal with Colonel Creamery and it had just fallen though. I looked at my husband and said, 'This is it! There is our ice cream shop!'"

Jason, an independent distributor for Nature’s Own bread,  sold his bread route about a month ago to focus on the ice cream shop and the two have been busy readying the space for a February 2018 opening date.

"Given the fact that we are well aware that opening an ice cream shop in the middle of winter is crazy we are planning on having a soft opening in February 2018 and will start booking parties at that time," said Angela. "We plan on having our taste testing and flavor naming and then a grand opening in March or April."

The main focus at Fort Thomas Ice Cream will, of course, be the ice cream, which will all be made in-house by Jason. He is currently working on perfecting his recipes using all-natural and local ingredients.

"I really care about what goes into the ice cream," said Jason.

"We want feedback on our flavors and to get the community involved from the beginning.  We feel this will help Fort Thomas and other local residents put their stamp on our shop," said Angela. "We want people to feel that they can come and hang out and relax at our shop, meet for ice cream and really enjoy the space as well as the desserts."

Build-out finishes are beginning. It's safe to say that the Williams are excited and passionate about their business venture. FTM file. 
The couple also plans serving coffee, donuts and pastries as well as other desserts such as brownies, rise crispy treats.

"The desserts will change frequently," said Williams.

There is also a nice size space in the back of our shop that will have the ability to book parties.

"The location of the ice cream shop, I feel, is the best location in Fort Thomas for us," said Angela.  "With Tower Park, the VA, the Highlands soccer fields and multiple schools within walking distance, I think it will really be a success. In addition, the longevity of other establishments around us, Midway Café, The Pub and Fort Thomas Pizza, it really speaks to how successful retail and restaurant tenants can be in that area."

Plans for the space directly next to Fort Thomas Ice Cream are not yet available.


  1. Attention, City Council! Build a large parking space next door ASAP. Everything along the Midway, including the VA, will benefit.

  2. City Council, please plan and deliver an adjacent parking lot ASAP. The space is there, and every business along the Midway will benefit, as well as VA visitors.

  3. Good luck, Jason & Angela! Kyle and Chris have done an nice job with the building - it will be an amazing space.

  4. Awesome! I really value quality ingredients as well and I do not feed my family artificial ingredients. So this is so exciting!! When can we come?!

  5. This is so exciting! When is the soft opening? ! My family and I live down the street and love local, quality ingredients!