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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Katharina’s Closes on Newport's Washington Avenue

In summer of 2016, Katharina’s, a traditional German restaurant, announced that they’d be moving their operations from Overton Street in Newport to a historic building on Washington Avenue, which used to house Mary Lou’s Bar & Grille.
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They opened in July of 2017 and less than six month later, they have closed at that location. If you had visited Mary Lou’s, you would be amazed by the renovations; an ode to the astounding transition of the East Row of Newport neighborhood.

The building before the renovations. Via Mansion Hill Properties. 

The building is owned by Mansion Hill Properties who also developed the building and recently received an excellence in Preservation Award by the City of Newport. Mansion Hill Properties was founded in 2012 in Newport, KY by owners, Mark Ramler and Jim Bush.

"It's a beautiful space in a community that's as hot as anywhere in the region," he said.

Katharina’s was known for their bakery, but had expanded their dinner menu, which included daily German specials.

Calls and messages to the owners of Katharina’s Café-Konditorei have not been returned. 

PHOTO: The current building. Via Facebook. 


  1. Katharina's was the favorite dinner place of my wife and I and many of our friends. All the food was excellently prepared and served in an atmosphere of the sincerest Gemütlichkeit. Once again one sees how greed wins the day.