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Monday, December 18, 2017

Newport Police Chief Recovers Murder Weapon in Taxi Cab Slaying

The case against murder suspects, Justin Russell, Alyssa Baker and Jarrett Anness just grew a lot stronger, according to Newport Police Chief, Tom Collins.

Collins told Fort Thomas Matters that he was able to help recover the alleged murder weapon that was used to kill David DePhillips near the intersection of Washington Avenue and 10th Street in Newport last Tuesday.

Collins said that it was in the possession of an individual who bought the gun from the murder suspects.

"We are testing the firearm for forensics to verify that this was indeed the weapon," said Collins, who also noted the shell casings found in the car matched the gun. "It's been really important to our department to gather every bit of information that we could for our prosecutor's office so that these individuals can't walk away."

Collins said how the gun was recovered was a testament to the transparency his detectives have utilized to help gather information from the community. He said that Russell, who police identified as the shooter, posted the murder weapon for sale on an online community hours after using it to murder DePhillips.

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"He bartered with an individual for some currency and a couple of other items," said Chief Collins.

At that point on, the purchaser of the gun did not know it was just used in a murder.

"Once he made that purchase, hours later he saw all of the media reports, including the surveillance video of the car that Russell and his associates used, and decided then that he didn't want any part of that. He did some research and wanted to talk to me directly, so I made some arrangements and met him in Hamilton County to hear his story and recover the weapon."

Collins said that he drove to North Bend Road on Friday to meet the individual to get the gun admitted as evidence.

Russell, Baker and Anness are being housed in the Campbell County Detention Center on one million dollar cash bonds.

This story will be updated.

PHOTO: Chief Tom Collins. YouTube. 

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