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Friday, December 22, 2017

Opinion: GOP Tax Plan is a Scam


The sales job to peddle the GOP tax plan as a good thing for the average Joe and Jane has already started.

The simple truth: There is enough window dressing in the bill to distract us from the fact that it is a permanent tax cut for the wealthiest and corporations, and at best a short-term benefit for most American taxpayers. Economists largely agree that the impact of this “reform” will increase the deficit to a staggering extent that could lead to another financial disaster for the American economy.

After all their complaining about budget deficits, the GOP plays a dangerous game not to be confused with governing. We can consider this deficit as a loan to be repaid by our children and grandchildren, stealing the last vestiges of the American dream.

Don’t be fooled. This is another #goptaxscam.

By Linda Nesbitt, Campbell County Democrat Chair & Jim Cole (Vice-Chair)


  1. I agree. The middle income tax cuts expire in eight years, which is conveniently the end of Donald Trump's term in office, but the corporate tax breaks and the tax breaks to the highest incomes are permanent. Probably something they hope no one notices.

  2. Stop looking for handouts. This bill corrects the disasterous previous corporate tax rate. It practically forced companies to leave. we all benefit from a stronger economy and more jobs. It's not all about individual rates, it's about fixing the system.

  3. We have among the highest corporate tax rate in the world, thats why companys flee overseas. 8 yrs of middle class tax cuts is better then we got under previous admins..

  4. Aaron is right, stop combing thru bills looking for the entitlement section. If more companies stay here then more people can work instead of collecting "entitlements".