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Sunday, January 21, 2018

ALERT: New Traffic Pattern to Take Effect Monday Morning (1-22)

The Fort Thomas Police Department is temporarily changing up the early morning traffic pattern at a busy intersection to see if they can help improve efficiency in the traffic flow.

On Monday, January 22 and Tuesday, January 23, there will not be a crossing guard to direct traffic at the intersection of North Fort Thomas Avenue and Memorial Parkway. Instead, police will allow for the normal flow of traffic to see if the commute can be sped up. The crossing guard, who is employed by the City of Fort Thomas, will continue to help children cross at the intersection.

Officer Sean Donelan will be there to evaluate the experiment in real time.

"We want to provide the most efficient flow of traffic that we can," said Donelan.  "More importantly, we are looking for feedback from people who experience the change and if it slowed or sped up their commute through the Inverness intersection."

Donelan said that a recent uptick in early morning tardies at Highlands High School and Highlands Middle School led to the experiment.

"There are other factors that could have led to the increase in getting kids to school on time, including the snow and frost removal from cars, but with the feedback we have received from parents, students and business owners, we are willing to try this experiment to see if it improves the traffic flow."

If you have feedback for police after the two-day experiment, you can email Donelan at
PHOTO: Fort Thomas Ave. and Memorial Parkway. Google Maps. 

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