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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Buckling on Grand Avenue Should Subside as Weather Improves

Buckling on Grand Avenue looks bad, but it should ease back as temperatures rise.

Fort Thomas residents have noticed buckling in most of Grand Avenue this week, especially the section south of Highland Avenue.

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Weather conditions, especially wet weather followed by the recent extreme cold temperatures, caused freezing and lifting in the joints of the road slabs but it is expected to ease back down as the temperatures rise.

City Administrator Ron Dill said the condition is a common occurrence within the freeze-thaw cycle, and the road should go back on its own soon. Still, some cracking and other damage may remain so crews may have to patch some spots.

The road is a state route and falls under the jurisdiction of the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. City engineers notified the state of the issue but repairs will likely not be required except for patching if necessary this spring.

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