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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Celebrating Two Years at Orangetheory Fitness Newport

Chase & Stephanie Whitehead, owners of Orangetheory Fitness Newport (photo provided)


Orangetheory Fitness in Newport celebrated their two year anniversary on January 7th. Owners Stephanie and Chase Whitehead have watched their business grow and become an integral part of our community. We asked Stephanie and Chase to share their thoughts on the past two years.

FTM: How has OTF grown, changed and become part of the community?
Over the past two years Orangetheory has grown immensely both on the local and global scale. The Newport studio was the first location in the area to open in January 2015. There are now five studios in the Northern KY/Cincinnati Area, with two more on the way. Globally, OTF has expanded to over 700 locations in the United states and have planned locations in 17 other countries. 
Locally, we have been able to give back to charities and organizations around us. In November, we donated over 700 food items to the Campbell County Neighborhood Center, and in December we adopted a local family for Christmas. We enjoying being involved and giving back to the community. 
FTM: Reflections on the past two years?
We are constantly amazed by our members and continuously grateful that they choose to workout with us in Newport. Their commitment and dedication to working towards a more healthy and active lifestyle is admirable. We now have over 700 members in Newport and over 100 have been with us since we opened our doors! We have a wonderful team of fitness professionals and associates working together to provide an unforgettable experience.
FTM: What's in OTF's future?
As a leader in the fitness industry Orangetheory is constantly improving and you can expect increased use of technology in the workout from a state of the art heart rate monitoring system, to top end fitness equipment, and a fitness program that constantly delivers results. 
At our Newport location we have a big year planned with many studio events and collaborations. We will be opening our third location, Orangetheory Fitness Florence, in late 2018/early 2019. 

What makes Orangetheory's fitness program and philosophy different is the integration of group accountability and the structure it provides both physically and mentally. We are more likely to stick with a workout - and get results - if we feel connected to a community of people with like-minded goals. Enthusiastic gym trainers are always there to work with you on modifications and to help you find your most effective workout. 

What to expect at OTF
  • 60 minute class
  • High intensity
  • Burn 500-1000 calories
  • Three blocks of cardio and strength training
  • Group workout
  • Trainer led

The group setting also provides a baseline pace so you can push yourself and find your preferred level of intensity. Each 60 minute interval workout is broken into three blocks of cardio and strength training. Participants move between rowing machines, treadmills and weight training tools. Participants burn an average of 500-1000 calories per workout!

Coach Ellen & Coach Bryan of Orangetheory Newport


Put your New Year's resolution to the test and join Orangetheory! Take the first step toward a healthier, happier you and register for the upcoming 8-week Transformation Challenge (TC) which starts on January 29 and runs through March 25th.

Each year since Orangetheory Newport has opened its doors they have run a popular weight loss challenge that has ended with a grand prize to the member who showed the greatest overall improvement and weight loss. Fort Thomas residents John Klingenberg and Shawn Green won the first two years respectively. This year they expanded the program to include a top male and female winner. 

Orangetheory Newport Transformation Challenge

A prize of $500 will go to top male and female participants. Winners will be determined by the highest percentage of weight loss. The TC is designed to get everyone engaged and motivated to reach fitness goals with a bit of friendly competition and common ground. Participants will have access to Orangetheory's dedicated trainers and resources.

Registration begins January 10th for members with an entry fee of only $25. Refer a friend and have your registration fee waived. Not sure if it's a good fit? First class free for first timers!

8-Week Transformation Challenge Details

  • Challenge dates: January 29 - March 5
  • $500 prize to top male & female participants
  • $25 registration fee plus membership
  • Register at Orangetheory Newport location
  • Take your first class FREE

Orangetheory Fitness Newport (photo: OTF Newport)

Membership & Pricing - First Class FREE!

No long term contracts necessary! Orangetheory offers several different levels of gym memberships including pay-as-you-go. First class is FREE for first timers. Call Orangetheory in Newport at (859) 838-4555 or check out their website and Facebook page to learn more.

Address: 185 Pavilion Pkwy Newport, Kentucky 41071
Phone: (859) 838-4555
Orangetheory Fitness Newport Facebook page


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