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Monday, January 22, 2018

Fort Thomas Community Plan: Here's How to Join a Committee

In September of 2017, committees began to meet to create a Community Plan for the City of Fort Thomas as a guide for the next 20 years.

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Six committees were formed that relate to different aspects of the community and they include:

1.      Land Use and Zoning

2.      Transportation and Connectivity

3.      Parks and Open Space

4.      Utilities and City Owned Facilities

5.      Regional Partnerships

6.      Funding and Implementation

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Additionally, a Council Person and City Staff Person agreed to lead each of these committees through the process.  They are:

1.      Land Use and Zoning - John Slawter (Council) & Kevin Barbian (Staff)

2.      Transportation and Connectivity - Ken Bowman (Council) & Mike Daly (Staff)

3.      Parks and Open Space - Jeff Bezold (Council) & Kat Disney / Katie Spicer (Staff)

4.      Utilities and City Owned Facilities - David Cameron (Council) & Mark Bailey (Staff)

5.      Regional Partnerships - Lisa Kelly (Council) & Debbie Buckley (Staff)

6.      Funding and Implementation - Roger Peterman (Council) & Joe Ewald (Staff)

To date, the committees have completed reviewing and gathering existing information available.  Beginning in February of 2018, each committee will start to explore options for improvements/enhancements to items within the Chapter purview.  There's still time to be a part of developing our City's vision - come and join the committee that calls to your personal sense of community! If you are interested in shaping the vision of Fort Thomas, please contact Ron Dill at 859.441.1055 or go to to review meeting schedules and minutes/notes from each committee.

Additionally, there is a public meeting scheduled for Wednesday, January 24th at 7:00 pm at the Mess Hall in Tower Park.  And don't forget to complete the community survey at  (if you haven't already).  Paper copies will be available at the public meeting as well as the City Building, Carrico/Fort Thomas Branch of the Campbell County Public Library and the Campbell County YMCA.  We hope to see you, your family, friends and neighbors on the 24th!

PHOTO: Central Business District, Fort Thomas. FTM file. 

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