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Friday, January 26, 2018

Fort Thomas Drug Center Offers Medication Adherence Packaging

Your Neighborhood Pharmacy (photo courtesy Fort Thomas Drug Center)


Having a disease like diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure can be scary. Fortunately, with the advancement of science and pharmaceuticals, patients can live productive lives by adhering to a medication regimen and incorporating lifestyle changes like diet and exercise.

When patients don't take their medication properly (non-adherence) the consequences are broad and often negatively impact patients, caregivers, medical providers, medical researchers and place a large burden on the healthcare system.


Fort Thomas Drug Center offers an adherence packaging service for patients needing extra assistance with their medications. Adherence packaging is a professionally packaged unit dosing system by Fort Thomas Drug Center to increase medication adherence by minimizing patient confusion to ensure the right medication at the right day and time. Adherence packaging helps patients stay healthy and live fuller lives with the comfort of having their own community pharmacist at their side.

Adherence packaging (photo: provided)


Medication adherence means taking medication properly. According to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration):

"[Medication adherence] involves factors such as getting prescriptions filled, remembering to take medication on time, and understanding the directions. Poor adherence can interfere with the ability to treat many diseases, leading to greater complications from the illness and a lower quality of life for patients".

Medication non-adherence can result in:

  • Lower quality of life
  • Wasted medication
  • Increased hospitalizations and visits
  • Disease progression 
  • Treatment failure
  • Nursing home admissions
  • Additional treatments
  • Accidents
  • Antibiotic resistance
  • Estimated $100 billion annual cost to US health care system

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Fort Thomas Drug Center has seen great success with their patients participating the medication adherence packaging program. If you are overwhelmed by your medication regimen taking multiple medications daily, then give Fort Thomas Drug Center a call at 441-1140, or stop by 26 N Ft Thomas Ave, Fort Thomas. 

Simplify your life and worry about one less thing!

Visit Fort Thomas Drug Center's website for lots of great information
Address: 26 N Fort Thomas Ave, Fort Thomas, KY
Call: (859) 441-1140

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