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Monday, February 5, 2018

Cornerstone Restaurants is Named: Fort Thomas Public House

It's the key piece of property in a struggling central business district in Fort Thomas.

Now, it has a name.

Fort Thomas Public House, located at 15 N. Fort Thomas Avenue on the corner of Fort Thomas and Highland Avenues, has applied for a a retail drink license and a special Sunday retail drink license with a hearing scheduled for later this month.

Owners, David and Jenny Meyer, told Fort Thomas Matters in November that they were excited about reopening.

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Meyer and his family have spent nearly every waking moment, when not at work and school, cleaning and painting the property, and taking inventory of what they have to work with. They have no plans to do a huge kitchen renovation. They’re optimistically cautious, being careful with spending in order to ensure success.

Currently there’s no fryer, grill or stove—but there is a large brick oven, which the owners of 15 North Pizza installed. The brick oven is now a permanent fixture of the restaurant, as the building’s structure was changed to bring it in. Without other equipment, any food they make will need to be something that can be cooked in a brick oven.

Because the property has sat vacant for almost a year, preparing the property to reopen does take time. “I’d like to get it open as soon as possible, but it’s not just flipping a light switch,” Meyer says.

Meyer and his wife, Jenny, have a combined 20-year history of working in the restaurant business, including service, management, financials, work flow and staffing. They plan to consult with people who live in Fort Thomas to figure out how, exactly, to make this property, with all its difficulties in work flow and space, succeed.

The building, once a stately home, was not designed to be a restaurant. Past owners have tried to use the layout sensibly, but the kitchen is on a separate floor from the dining room. Trays of food have to be navigated up a narrow stairway. Flow, often paramount to a restaurant’s success, is a constant issue.

PHOTO: With a dusting on snow on the large patio, Fort Thomas Public House is gearing up for a grand open. FTM file. 

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