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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Birkley Services for All Your Heating & Cooling Needs

Birkley Services

Winter is still dressing the streets of Fort Thomas in dustings of white lacy snow and sending days of frigid temperatures. Your furnace is sure to be worth its weight in gold. By February, home furnaces have been running long distance races against the cold to provide as much warmth and coziness they can muster.

The average lifespan of a modern home furnace is 13-16 years if it is regularly serviced. Furnaces made 30 and 40 years ago may still be running but are often inefficient. Constant use over the fall and frosty winter months means you'll get the most bang for your buck by showing your furnace a little TLC. We asked the heating and cooling experts at Birkley Services for a few tips on how to make furnaces last and operate at an optimal level. 


Birkley Services is a local, family owned and operated business with over 70 years experience in the HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) industry. It started with Matt and Chris Birkley's grandfather Joe who worked at Williamson Heating Company in the early 1940's. He passed his knowledge and work ethic onto his son, Joe Birkley and grandsons.

Beginnings of the Birkley family business. Joe Birkley (grandfather of Matt and Chris) was an employee at
Williamson Heater Co. in 1941. In 1947 Birkley Heating was born.

Birkley Services has an outstanding reputation for professionalism and reliability as well as an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Master Technicians Matt, Chris and Joe Birkley are in and out of homes daily and have seen it all when it comes to keeping home and office environments comfortable - you can trust you're getting the best service in their hands!

Joe Birkley replacing an outdated furnace


  • The Air You Breathe - Replace furnace air filter once a month, especially if your furnace has been running constantly. Dirty air filters restrict air flow which makes for an inefficient furnace and low air quality. Newly warmed air tries to go around dirty filter unsuccessfully and pushes dirt particles, dander, pollen and other contaminants into furnace parts not to mention the air you and your family breathe. 
  • Special considerations for home remodeling projects - Run your furnace as little as possible when doing interior construction projects especially during sanding and when finishing drywall. The great influx of dust particles creates a nasty environment in the heating system. Make sure to check your air filter every few days and change weekly. Always have your furnace serviced after construction projects are complete.
  • Go With The Flow - Do not close off and/or block heating vents or air return vents. We all know the trials of furniture arrangement and having to work around vents, built-ins, windows and outlets. Why does that return vent have to be in the perfect place for the couch?! Restricting air flow either by closing off too many vents or blocking them starves the furnace of air. This can lead to a number of issues including shortening the life of the heat exchanger and short cycling the furnace - both easily preventable.
  • Regular Maintenance - One of the best things you can do to extend the life of your furnace and air conditioner is have them regularly serviced. Birkley offers a Maintenance Agreement that includes twice yearly preventative checkup on your furnace and air conditioning units. 
Maintenance Agreement includes: 
  • Priority service
  • Discounts on repairs
  • Checking overall operation of system
  • Cleaning pilot light and burner in furnace
  • Checking heat exchange
  • Making sure blower is clean and tight
  • Checking electrical connections
  • Make sure safety switches are working properly and clean
  • Checking vacuum hoses
  • Make sure A/C coils are clear
  • Checking for clear drain system
  • Checking flue pipes are venting properly
In addition to HVAC work Birkley Services offers a variety of other home maintenance services. 

Visit Birkley Services for more information or call for a quote (859) 781-5500.

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