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Monday, March 5, 2018

Feel-good Story for Lost Fort Thomas Dog

On Saturday, Scott and Laura Arentsen's dog, Charlie, chased a deer from their back yard and never came home.

The 35-pound, brown, fuzzy pooch was probably the most virally shared picture this weekend in northern Kentucky, racking up over 600 social shares from people trying to help the dog's owners to track him down.

The Arentsens also went old-school, posting "missing" signs up all around the north part of Fort Thomas, where he went missing.

Gone for two days, the family was very worried about their dog.

Then a phone call.

"Scott got a call from a guy in Cincinnati. (Charlie) was near the river on Eastern Ave," said Laura.  "The guy got a number off the Fort Thomas Animal Hospital tag and called it and they gave him (our) number."

The Arentsens aren't sure how their dog got across the river, but they are happy to have him back.

"I guess I’ll never know, I wish he could talk," she said. "He smells like a dirty fish tank and has a bunch of burs, but we’re so glad to have him home."

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  1. They had come by our house on Carrington pt. searching for him. At about 8 pm I had heard an unfamiliar bark with another dog who lives on the street behind us so I went down there to search for Charlie. I walked all of the way down the hill to Route 8 and the river, and saw no sign of him. My guess would be that he swam across somewhere down there near the base of Tower Hill. That's one determined puppy.