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Monday, March 5, 2018

Highlands Guidance Counselor Wins State Counselor of the Year

Fort Thomas Independent School District is highly rated in many aspects of education, student life, extra-curricular activities, teachers, and more — including the counselling department. Recently, Mrs. Trinity Walsh, guidance counselor at Highlands High School, was awarded the High School Counselor of the Year Award for the Kentucky School Counselors Association.

The Kentucky High School Counselor of the Year Award is awarded based on recommendations from other counselors, and Mrs. Laura Schnitzler, fellow HHS counselor, nominated Mrs. Walsh in this case. After nominations are submitted, the association determines the winner. When Mrs. Walsh found out she won this award she was very surprised, and said, “I was honored that anyone would think so highly of me to give me an award like this.”

Mrs. Walsh went to a luncheon, heard part of what Mrs. Schnitzler had written about her, and was presented with the award.

Mrs. Walsh has been a counselor for 16 years, 10 of those at Highlands. Before counseling, she was a music teacher, but when she realized that “being able to interact with students” was the thing she loved most about that job, she decided to go into a career in which she could help them along their path. From there, she received her Master’s degree in School Counseling. She has done a great deal of professional development and has gone to many conferences.

Mrs. Walsh is now working on her National Board Certification for School Counseling. When she receives this, she’ll have her Rank 1 in Kentucky and will be able to be a school counselor in any other state without having to complete additional training certifications.

Don’t worry though; Mrs. Walsh is staying at Highlands for the foreseeable future because, as she said, “This place is too awesome for me to leave.” 

Mrs. Walsh plans to continue her “gig” of being a counselor at Highlands.

“Over time, I have worked with so many great people and I have so much support surrounding me,” she said.

She’s learned life lessons from teachers at several different schools and now that she’s at Highlands, she’s fortunate enough to work with Mrs. Thomas, Mrs. Schnitzler, and Mrs. Rickett — her team. Mrs. Walsh said, “Everything I do is because of my support system."

By Lexie Crawford, Highlands freshman 

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  1. Congratultions, Trinity! Wonderful news! I just saw this today.

    Jim Kelly