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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Andy Beshear Sues to Stop Pension Bill

In a move that was hinted upon after passage of the pension bill, Democratic Attorney General, Andy Beshear and unions representing teachers and police officers, have sued to block Senate Bill 151,  the bill that was just signed into law by Governor Matt Bevin on Tuesday.

Beshear filed a lawsuit this morning.

The bill protects most benefits for current and retired workers and moves all new teacher hires into plan that doesn't have defined benefits.

The bill also requires districts to pick up a percentage of retirement for new hires.

Beshear said the bill violated the inviolable contract with its teachers and other state workers.

"That's a promise the General Assembly made to teachers, social workers, police officers, firefighters decades ago that said if you dedicate your life to public service -- teaching our children, protecting our families, serving the neglected -- that while we wouldn't pay you enough, we would guarantee you a good and safe retirement," Beshear said.

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Beshear said, in a video posted to his YouTube page, that the way the pension bill was passed violated the Kentucky Constitution. He was the bill thrown out entirely and wants to pause the progress of the bill until a hearing is in the works.

Bevin's Communications Director, Elizabeth Kuhn, responded to the lawsuit in a release, stating that,

“The Beshears have always treated pensions as political currency, so it’s no surprise that Attorney General Beshear filed this political lawsuit today. 

Over eight years, former governor Steve Beshear underfunded the pension system by billions, recklessly diverting much needed funds to other causes and allowing the system to become the worst funded in the country. 

Now, the Attorney General is carrying on the Beshear family legacy by trying to block a law that will strengthen our pension system."

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Thousands of teachers have protested the bill in Frankfort during this year's General Assembly. Another march is scheduled for Friday to ensure that legislators know they want them to vote to override the governor's veto of the budget (HB 200) and tax reform bill (HB 366).

This year's session will conclude on Saturday. Although only a majority is needed to override the veto, it is not known if that is a certainty.

Fort Thomas Matters will update this story.

PHOTO: Parents, students and employees participate at a walk-in in front of Johnson Elementary in Fort Thomas. 

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