Friday, April 20, 2018

Bowman’s Framing is still framing.

Located at 103 N. Fort Thomas Avenue - 859-781-2233 

I can’t say enough about what this city and all my loyal clients mean to me. It is not easy for us to follow through on our announced plans to change direction to pursue other interests. This was and still is a very difficult decision. Many have stopped me asking if I’m still open. As it turns out, they thought I was already finished framing. I would like to clear things up about the future of Bowman’s Framing.

I am still actively seeking a buyer to continue operation of this very established shop. The new owner of the real estate has told me that he hopes a new owner would continue in the same location. He is willing to offer a lease starting in October that would be very affordable to a new operator.

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This business has been a staple in this community for thirty years and needs to stay. My plans to exit at the end of June are still unchanged. My hope is to find a qualified operator to take over with me staying involved until that person and myself are comfortable with the transition. One way or another, my exit will be June 30. The thought of closing the business and liquidating contents is not something I like to consider. It is a profitable but specialized business, which means a small pool of qualified operators to attract.

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I will always cherish the relationships that have developed over the years, and the trust that has been placed in us with all that we do. I will greatly miss that daily interaction with customers / friends.

Please ask yourself if anyone that you know might be a good candidate to take over as a new owner. It truly is a great opportunity for the right individual.

I can’t thank you all enough,

Ken Bowman

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