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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Fort Thomas Independent Schools Named Top District in Kentucky for 2018

The Fort Thomas Independent Schools district was just named the best school district in the Commonwealth for 2018. announced their ranking of the Top School Districts in Kentucky for 2018, which had Fort Thomas at the top of the list.

The metrics used that contributed to the ranking were student performance (math and reading test scores), dropout rates, school funding, and area poverty rates. Data was collected from a total of 9,577 school districts.

The website said this about its rankings and the district, "The Bluegrass State’s educational system has undergone a great deal of reform over the past 25 years, improving testing standards, curriculum, and access to resources in school districts across the state. Nowadays, Kentucky is home to many excellent public school districts.
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The top school district in Kentucky is Fort Thomas Independent School District based in Fort Thomas, KY, though it is actually considered part of the Greater Cincinnati area. Fort Thomas Independent School District is exceptional; having been named a “District of Distinction” three times in a row, as well as achieving the honor of being the top-ranked district in Kentucky as assessed by the state government."

Filling out the rest of the top five districts in the state, according to the website were:
2) Beechwood Independent
3) Oldham County
4) Boone County
5) Campbell County is a public safety focused organization committed to increasing public safety, community involvement, and education.

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  1. Now everyone else knows, what we knew all along !! Keep up the great work. BEAT TEACHER EVER, past and present !!! My three chilren went to Woodfill and then Highlands. All did very well and are thankful for their education. One as his degree, one has a Masters and the other a PHD. We are very proud of themand the schools that pit them on their paths !!!