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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Campbell County Primary Election: Anna Zinkhon, Judge Executive

Editor's Note: Campbell County has six countywide contested primary elections on May 22. Republicans will vote in five of those contests (Judge Executive, Commissioner District 1, District 2, District 3 and Jailer. Democrats will have one primary (U.S. Congress Representative in the 4th District). 

Additionally, there is a contested primary in Bellevue (Mayor) and in some parts of the county for Constable. 

To review a sample ballot, click here.

FTM will publish all articles written by the candidates in order to give the voting electorate a better understanding on how they may elect. 

We gave a simple prompt: Why Are You Running? Their answer is below. 

Campbell County Judge Executive

By Anna Zinkhon

I am a lifelong resident of Campbell County.  I have been able to accomplish much and it is time for me to ‘give back.’

I attended Northern Kentucky University, studied computer services and worked at Kroger’s, Scripps Howard and Chiquita.  I left Chiquita to start my own horse boarding business in Campbell County.

Throughout my career, both in the corporate world and also as an independent businesswoman, I have met many other residents.  They are good, hard-working people who care about their homes, families, neighborhoods – and other people.

I am running for Campbell County Judge Executive to serve ALL residents of this fine county not just those in select cities.

I am NOT a career politician.  I do recognize however, when ordinary people are taken for granted.  I know when people are not given basic information about what is happening in our county even in our own neighborhoods.  I am running for Judge Executive to provide regular informative updates for all residents.

The position of Judge Executive gives the opportunity to solve problems not by oneself but with others - especially those who are most affected.  It is amazing what people working together can accomplish – and it is less costly than simply throwing money at a problem.  I am running for Judge Executive to stop wasteful spending.

Our county is one of the fastest growing in our state.  That is quite a tribute to our area and its people.  We need to be sure that job growth equals the residential growth.  I am running for Judge Executive to do just that – produce jobs.

I realize that change is a challenge but ‘status quo’ is no longer acceptable.  I believe that a different perspective, a new pair of eyes and thinking “outside the box” can be challenging but also very effective.  I am running for Judge Executive to bring a fresh approach and outlook to our county.

I am a woman with the personality skills and tenacity to bring about positive changes to benefit all residents in our county.   That in itself is a change.

I am Anna Zinkhon.  I am running for Judge Executive in Campbell County to work for you with a new dimension, new outlook and new goals and objectives.  I need your vote on May 22!

And this is why I am running for Campbell County Judge Executive.

1 comment:

  1. Anna is just what she says she is and will definitely keep you informed and work with you. We have known her for years and that is why I am asking for your support for her. I know you will be gad to see her work for you. THANKS!