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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Campbell County Primary Election: Brian Painter, County Commissioner District 1

Editor's Note: Campbell County has six countywide contested primary elections on May 22. Republicans will vote in five of those contests (Judge Executive, Commissioner District 1, District 2, District 3 and Jailer. Democrats will have one primary (U.S. Congress Representative in the 4th District). 

Additionally, there is a contested primary in Bellevue (Mayor) and in some parts of the county for Constable. 

To review a sample ballot, click here.

FTM will publish all articles written by the candidates in order to give the voting electorate a better understanding on how they may elect. 

We gave a simple prompt: Why Are You Running? Their answer is below. 

Campbell County Commissioner (District 1)

By Brian Painter 

Hello, I’m Brian Painter District 1 Commissioner, my wife Sulinda, son Matt and I live on 17 acres that borders Alexandria, on the farm where I grew up. I want to share a few words about my experience, then focus on our excellent County staff. I graduated from NKU with a Bachelors in Geology and a scholarship to Ohio University where I got a Master’s degree in Hydrogeology.

Through the years, I progressed to the level of project manager, where I organized groups of scientists and engineers, then financially and technically managed clean-up and protection projects in over a dozen states. For thirteen years I managed a half million dollar a year aquifer protection project out west, which was the largest in the country. We moved back to our family acreage in 2002 to raise our son, and started Vineyard Hardwoods, a mill work company, which we successfully ran for thirteen years.

For this article, I really wanted to focus on the management team we have developed at fiscal court over the last seven years and their ability to manage projects.  In the three Northern Kentucky counties, Campbell County spends the least per person to deliver services, including roads, police and jail. Less than Kenton or Boone by a wide margin. We focus on efficient modern management, we do not ignore details, where costs can hide.

My web site has charts of our county finances. We have also opened up the transparency of county finances, here, showing all of our transactions and budgets on line. 

We are the low cost champions in the region, thanks to our staff, spending substantially less than the other counties.  We will remain that way, by doing the hard work and establishing the personal relationships to manage correctly. I love the job of Commissioner and commit significant time doing the job right.  I am enthusiastic to return after the election, and continue working for our county, with the best management team in the region, the team we established.

I ask for your vote in the May primary.

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