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Friday, May 18, 2018

Campbell County Primary Election: Jim Livers, County Commissioner District 3

Editor's Note: Campbell County has six countywide contested primary elections on May 22. Republicans will vote in five of those contests (Judge Executive, Commissioner District 1, District 2, District 3 and Jailer. Democrats will have one primary (U.S. Congress Representative in the 4th District). 

Additionally, there is a contested primary in Bellevue (Mayor) and in some parts of the county for Constable. 

To review a sample ballot, click here.

FTM will publish all articles written by the candidates in order to give the voting electorate a better understanding on how they may elect. 

We gave a simple prompt: Why Are You Running? Their answer is below. 

Campbell County Commissioner (District 3)

By Jim Livers 

My name is Jim Livers. I am taking time today to ask you for your vote. On May 22nd, all of Campbell County will vote in the Republican Primary. I am running in the 3rd District, for Campbell County Commissioner. Together, with your vote, we can affect a change for the good of our County.

I live in Bellevue with my wife Robin and our daughter Cathy. Cathy graduates from Bellevue very soon and we are very excited. She is our youngest child. Casey, Courtney, and Jimmy are all grown and out of the house. While it is a little sad to see our last girl off to Morehead in the Fall, it is also exciting to have a bit more time to chase a dream of mine. Public service has always been something I have longed to do, but have not had the time with work and the family. Now, I do. I am thankful for this opportunity to serve.

Being approached by several of my friends and neighbors to run was very flattering. Being a graduate of Eastern Kentucky University, spending a decade at Fidelity Investments, and working in several of the schools in Campbell County, has given me a unique insight into some of the needs of our County and how we can facilitate change for the good of the County. I am a Realtor with Star One Realtors. Real Estate has been very good to me and my family. With the skills and experience I have accrued, my friends and neighbors have conveyed to me that I would be a good candidate, to be a voice for the people, a responsible steward for the county’s resources, and an advocate for opportunities for Campbell County. With as much humility as I can muster, I would have to agree. All told, I have more than twenty years of experience in business management, marketing, development, and sales.

I’m always interested to know what you want from your County Commissioners.  What goals and aspirations do you have for your County Government? The only way that we will affect change is together. Whether you are a teacher in Dayton, a mechanic in Newport, or a farmer in Grants Lick, I want to be your voice in County Government. My platform is very simple. I do not want to raise taxes at all this year. I want to install a skill driven training program for our citizens that gives us the tools we need to find good jobs here in Campbell County. With that in mind, we, as a county, we need to attract new business opportunities for our citizens. Lastly, we as a whole, need to steward the monies in our coffers better and curtail the frivolous spending. Our County is one of the highest taxed Counties in the Commonwealth.

Haven’t we all had enough?

On May 22nd, we can make a difference. Your vote is vital to my campaign. It is citizens like you who help shape the future of our County. If you have any questions about where I stand on any issue, want to talk about any facet of the election, or just want to meet me, please call me. My number is 859-786-6800. My email address is You can also see all the candidate’s introduction  speech at this site as well. Thank you for taking your time to read this. I appreciate it.

At Your Service,

Jim Livers

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