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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Campbell County Primary Election: Tyler Owen, County Commissioner District 1

Editor's Note: Campbell County has six countywide contested primary elections on May 22. Republicans will vote in five of those contests (Judge Executive, Commissioner District 1, District 2, District 3 and Jailer. Democrats will have one primary (U.S. Congress Representative in the 4th District). 

Additionally, there is a contested primary in Bellevue (Mayor) and in some parts of the county for Constable. 

To review a sample ballot, click here.

FTM will publish all articles written by the candidates in order to give the voting electorate a better understanding on how they may elect. 

We gave a simple prompt: Why Are You Running? Their answer is below. 

Campbell County Commissioner (District 1)

By Tyler Owen

I am seeking elected office (Campbell County Commissioner, District One) for my first time. I have helped several candidates in the past in county races, but it really is a different experience meeting with voters and sharing your own perspective on county issues and why you deserve their consideration. I am running to serve this county, to make it the best it can possibly be through dynamic thought and a willingness to put in the time and effort each person in this county deserves.

There is a need currently for solutions to our rising tax rates, further economic development, a lack of middle-income housing, and, most urgently, the addiction crisis. I cannot and will not promise that I can fix all of these and the numerous other issues, but what I can promise is that you will get everything I have to give in terms of effort.

To me, the biggest issue, and the one that really drives me, is the crisis surrounding addiction in our area.  We all know about the impact that heroin has had on our community. It is a deadly and highly addictive drug that has a much higher likelihood to cause overdoses than other drugs and has ravaged our community. I am tired of members of our community dying at the hands of addiction. My heart breaks with every family that has to live through this experience, and in Campbell County way too many families have experienced it. I am a recovering alcoholic, sober now for over five years. I watched my family deal with the torment of this disease. My hope is that no one would ever have to experience that again. And as unrealistic as it is to wipeout addiction altogether, there is so much we can do to limit its impact.

When finding solutions for the addiction crisis we must look at the three tiers of education, treatment and law enforcement. Educational programs that can be facilitated through cooperation of non-profits, local government, and local school districts are integral to preventing new cases of addiction.

The proliferation of information to first responders, educators, judges and court staff, and the community as a whole is paramount to success here. We must also push for more treatment options and raise the number of rehabilitation centers in our county. We have seen the discord that trying to put a center at a less than optimal site has caused. And I do want to say this regarding the Campbell Lodge: I would love to try and work with the Brighton Center to continue to explore alternative locations that make more sense, but if the decision comes between that site and no rehabilitation center (and the site has been deemed permissible), I will support its inception. We can hopefully avoid this situation in the future with better transparency and cooperation in site selection.

Finally, we have seen successes with the regional task force dedicated to the issue, but we can still do better and I promise to support our law enforcement officers in their efforts to bring down high level dealers. But this must be done in concert with eliminating the demand for the narcotics they sell.

We must also bolster our county through economic development, utilizing assets like Northern Kentucky University, helping them achieve their goals while also seizing the opportunities they provide our community. Residential development geared to middle-class individuals and families are also in demand. Both of these efforts will help grow our tax base, and when combined with more efficient spending, will help us stop the rise in taxes and eventually put us in a position to lower them.
As I mentioned previously, I don’t claim to have all the answers. But I assure you, I will do everything in my power to do the best by you.

For more biographical information, please visit my Facebook page @TylerOwen2018, listen to my podcast with Fort Thomas Matters, or simply contact me online through the page. I am a proud lifelong Campbell Countian, born and raised in Fort Thomas, and a resident of Southgate. I am dedicated to making our community the best that it can possibly be.

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