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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Highlands High School Student Attends Spirit of America Conference

Highlands High School freshman Julianna Russ recently attended the Spirit of America Youth Leadership Conference in Valley Forge, PA in April 2018. Juli was awarded a scholarship to attend the conference from the Greater Cincinnati Chapter of the Freedoms Foundation. The scholarship included tuition, board, room, and travel expenses. Juli was chosen for the scholarship by a selection process that required her to write an essay and participate in an interview.

Juli was one of 15 high school students from seven Cincinnati area high schools to attend with about 100 students from across the country who attended a Spirit of America youth conference this spring.

The purpose of the Spirit of America Youth Leadership Conference is for students to explore American democracy, to better understand the rights and responsibilities of American citizenship, to develop their leadership skills, and to actively engage in activities focused on current events and issues in our country.

The activities included
·         Mock Congressional debate, in which participants discuss a current events based Constitutional problem.
·         Free Enterprise challenge, which encourages students to explore the world of entrepreneurship and free markets.
·         Leadership workshops, which introduce participants to different styles of leadership and character traits demonstrated by recipients of the Congressional Medal of Honor.
·         Visits to Valley Forge and historic Philadelphia.

Freedoms Foundation is a non-profit organization located in Valley Forge, PA. Its mission is to educate about American rights and responsibilities, honor acts of civic virtue, and challenge all to reject apathy and get involved. Volunteer chapters all over the United States support this mission through local programs and fundraising efforts.

PHOTO: Russ at Freedoms Foundation recognition banquet.

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