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Thursday, May 17, 2018

WATCH: Smash and Grab Crime Caught on Camera in Fort Thomas

Video below

A string of smash and grab robberies in northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati have started to become a trend and Fort Thomas Police now have video to see exactly how these thieves are committing these crimes.

Det. Derek Faught of the Fort Thomas Police has been in contract with agencies in the region and throughout multiple states.

They believes that a group, known at the Felony Lane Gang, are orchestrating similar crimes that involved breaking into vehicles by smashing through the windows and grabbing items that are in plain sight.

The criminals then try and use the stolen credit and debit cards in the far lane of a bank drive through, the "felony lane", which is how the group has received their moniker.

These crimes have been happening in Fort Thomas over the last several years. Fort Thomas Matters has documented cases in 2015 and 2016, which both occurred at the Highland Hills Dog Park in broad daylight. Another incident, which also occurred at the dog park, occurred this year on April 25.

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An incident on April 11 of this year was caught on surveillance footage.

On that day at about 6:00 pm, a female subject left the Fort Thomas Animal Hospital and found that the passenger window of her vehicle had been smashed in and items had been taken from her car.

"We discovered that there were surveillance cameras monitoring the parking lot and after reviewing the camera footage, officers observed a black male driving a newer Nissan sedan enter the parking lot and park his vehicle in front of several cars that were present in the lot," said Faught.

The brazen criminal crouches low and sneaks up to the window of the victim’s vehicle. He peers inside, and then crouches down again out of sight. It then appears that the suspect used a window punch to break the glass.

He quickly pushes the window inward and grabs a bag from inside the car. He returns to his own vehicle and places the bag inside.

What is striking, according to Faught, is that he doesn't flee right away.

"He then pulls his vehicle forward, parks, and crouches low again to inspect other vehicles in the lot."

No other vehicles were broken into and the victim of that crime reported that credit cards, bank statements, and work-related papers were stolen.

"Fortunately, the victim cancelled her accounts before any transactions could be made," said Faught.

The suspect is described as a younger black male, wearing dark pants, a white shirt, and white and black athletic shoes.

Barre3 Ft. Thomas. 
If you have information regarding the identity or whereabouts of these suspects, please contact Detective Derek Faught with the Fort Thomas Police at 859-572-1238 or by email at

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