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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Fort Thomas' Small Town Quirks Reveal Who We Are

My hometown of Junction City, Kansas decided to pave the ten blocks that made up the city core. Shortly afterwards all of the side streets sank a few inches. Not just one street, but every single one.

The main street was just fine, but drivers were forced to take intersections slowly or risk damage to their vehicles. Well, the city leaders repaired it but they liked how drivers slowed down so they incorporated dips in the road at each intersection. Sort of like reverse speed bumps. It really forces drivers to slow down. It’s a town quirk. And it’s easy to spot outsiders. They’re the ones cursing when their coffee jumps out of their cups or the exhaust falls off. It was initial bad engineering that resulted in something that worked well for them. Quirky.

Fort Thomas has its own little quirks that hide in plain sight. Here are a few I have discovered on my walks.

Fort Thomas is a town of walkers, runners, and cyclists - a mobile community. And sometimes things get lost. Take this helmet, for example. It’s been sitting in front of the city building for at least five days now. The owner has not claimed it and no one has stolen it. I once saw a backpack sit in front of the high school for a long weekend. No one bothered it. That says something about the community. I’m sure we might disagree on what it says, but I want to think that we are basically an honest group - even though there is theft from cars, homes, porches, and persons. Sure hope this helmet is reunited with its owner.

Then there is this. Someone left a few items outside the Methodist church so some kind person placed them on the electrical box next to the sidewalk. There is a child somewhere in town with only one shoe. Tell the parent where the other shoe is, please.

Then there is the fire hydrant at Inverness. My only thought as I walked by was “Ouch! That’s going to hurt to hook up the fire hose.” But it might keep dogs from leaving liquid notes for other dogs.

This is the odd lane out. 
The other three lights at Highland and Grand look like this. 

And then there’s the intersection at Highland and Grand. Notice anything unusual about the photos? There is an inconsistency in the lanes. I wonder the logic. Traffic backs up along Highland at times. Pay attention to this little quirk the next time you drive through the intersection.

Like a number of businesses and residents, Colonel De puts out water for dogs. Thoughtful. And it's strategically located next to a tree.

Speaking of trees, there is this bird house/feeder that someone built in a dead tree along the sidewalk on West Southgate.  This is an example of the adage “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Carving in Tower Park in the Model Native Garden.
Wood carving in Highland Park along one of the trails. 
A local chainsaw artist has created a handful of carvings in stumps of dead trees in Highland Park and one in Tower Park. Looking forward to his next piece.

Someone hauled creek rocks up a hill and created a series of statues - men, women, children - in the woods on private property. I’m reluctant to give the location, but it’s pretty cool. This is just one of many creative stone sculptures.

There are so many more little quirks in Fort Thomas and I enjoy them all. It’s part of who we are. We are trusting, honest, hopeful, and a bit quirky. Yeah, I’d hang out with that person.

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