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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Live Free Like Michelle: June 19th Fundraiser

Celebrate the amazing life and inspiring legacy of Fort Thomas' hometown sweetheart, Michelle Chalk, on June 19th with residents and local businesses in the Midway district. Proceeds from participating businesses will go directly to the Michelle Chalk Scholarship Fund.

The Live Free Like Michelle Fundraiser came together after local residents and friends of Michelle's mother Patty ChalkKim Moore and Carrie Clukey, decided to put their efforts toward maintaining and bolstering contributions to the scholarship fund. Preserving Michelle's legacy through the award given in her honor each year serves the Fort Thomas community and is a way for residents to come together and continue the healing process which is never truly complete.

Our hometown sweetheart, Michelle Chalk
The Live Free Like Michelle Fundraiser is an event Kim and Carrie hope turns into an annual event. Both women have been deeply moved by Michelle's death and like many people in the community, they wanted to do something for the Chalk family.

Ensuring the longevity and sustainability of the Michelle Chalk Scholarship through continued contributions is a way for the family to keep the memory of Michelle strong while inspiring and helping others.


In October of 2017, two months after losing their beautiful daughter, Keith and Patty Chalk began discussions with Laura Menge from the Greater Cincinnati Foundation to create the Michelle Chalk Scholarship Fund. The Greater Cincinnati Foundation is a local 501(c)(3) organization that partners donors, businesses, and communities for the greater good.

Patty and Keith launched the website where those who want to give can easily donate and stay up to date on the latest news. You may also visit Patty Chalk's blog, My Girl Michelleto read personal reflections and memories of Michelle from family and friends.

The Michelle Chalk Scholarship Fund was established to create scholarship grants to graduating seniors to keep the memory of Michelle Chalk alive in the community that she lived and loved. 
Michelle Chalk's death was felt by her family, friends, and the community of Fort Thomas, KY. She was a beloved daughter, sister, niece, cousin and granddaughter. She was a friend to everyone she met. She loved singing, dancing and performing on stage. 
Thanks to the donations of many people this fund has been created.
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Michelle has entered the hearts of those who knew her personally and those who have only heard about her kind and generous soul. Kim, Carrie, and many others have made it part of their work to make sure she will never be forgotten. She continues to inspire and bring out the best in our community. She is truly Fort Thomas' Sweetheart.

Custom sign inspired by Michelle Chalk's legacy (photo: provided)


The Midway Cafe, Fort Thomas Ice Cream, and The Evergreen Designs will be donating a percentage of sales from June 19th to the Michelle Chalk Foundation. Enjoy lunch and an ale at Midway Cafe then head over to Fort Thomas Ice Cream for a special ice cream sundae of strawberries, angel food, and rainbow sprinkles - some of Michelle's favorite things!

Michelle's Sundae

Fort Thomas Ice Cream will donate 10% of proceeds to the Michelle Chalk Foundation and is currently collecting $1 donations for each vote cast to name the special ice cream sundae. We love all three options: Michelle's High Five Sundae, Over Michelle's Rainbow Sundae, and Michelle's Heavenly Sundae.

Midway Cafe will donate 10% of sales for the entire day. Order a pint of Live Free Cream Ale or High Five IPA on draft and $1 of each will go to The Michelle Chalk Foundation.

Custom sign inspired by Michelle Chalk's legacy (photo: provided)

Order a custom sign or pillow at The Evergreen Designs between June 1st-June 15th and pick up on June 19th at Fort Thomas Ice Cream between 6-7pm. 25% of all sign and pillow proceeds go to The Michelle Chalk Foundation.

For more about the fundraiser visit the Facebook event page here

If you are interested in learning more or donating to the Michelle Chalk Scholarship Fund please visit:

You may also donate by check:

To: Greater Cincinnati Foundation
Memo: Michelle Chalk Scholarship Fund

Mail Check to:

Michelle Chalk Scholarship Fund
c/o The Greater Cincinnati Foundation
200 West Fourth Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202

If you are interested in being part of growing this special event please contact:

Kim Moore
(859) 992-9985

Carrie Clukey
(859) 240-6173

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