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Friday, June 8, 2018

Lunken Field Maintenance Schedule to Last 35 More Days

Aircraft noise over the last week has gotten more noticeable, as Fort Thomas Matters reported earlier this week. 

Now we know exactly what they are doing differently and how long it will last. 

According to officials with knowledge of the situation, the main runway is being repaved for the first time in over 30 years and because of this, they are using the diagonal runway that points right toward Fort Thomas. 

There are three runways at Lunken. The diagonal runway at 5000 feet long, is about 1000 feet shorter than the main runway. There is also a small training runway, which doesn't get used much for flights. 

Airport runways do not get paved like streets. According to officials, they must mill, pave then cure the asphalt. Then they install grooves and survey the path in order to paint precision lines that aircrafts use to takeoff and land. 

The project started Friday, June 1, and is expected to last another 35 days, pending weather. 

The official that spoke to Fort Thomas Matters said that the noise occurs during the takeoff because the power the engine needs to get airborne. 

The official said that on decent, there is no altitude requirement for landing. 

"As long as they don't touch the tree line," they said.  "Lunken Field does not receive any public tax monies for maintenance, so we want to wrap up this maintenance just as soon as we are able."

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